Wisteria is a small business, but our selection is anything but. We source directly from small growers, to ensure the freshest flowers in town. We also carry items in our gift shop from local artists, keeping in line with our unique floral selections.

Liz Wardman, the principal of Wisteria, is known and loved in the Rockridge neighborhood, from her artistic arrangements and attention to detail when she worked at The Meadows flower shop. She brings 20+ years of experience with flowers, a welcoming demeanor, a painter's eye for color and an intuitive sense—all which add up to unforgettable floral arrangements. She sources locally whenever possible, and keeps the inventory fresh in every sense. 

Liz partnered with long-time friend and fellow floral fanatic, Fenella Fletcher who is a landscape designer circling back to her first job in highschool: working in a flower shop. This time around, her interest is much more serious and her ability to bring her design sense to the Wisteria gift collection as well as to floral arrangements makes her an invaluable part of the team.

Anna Bizzack anchors the Wisteria team. She grew up on a working farm in rural Vermont.  It was there she developed her work ethic,  a love for wildflowers, and an appreciation for everything new that came with each season. Anna met Liz when their children were in kindergarten at Joaquin Miller Elementary. After many volunteer projects it became apparent that they work well together. Their friendship blossomed and Anna pitched in many late nights helping Liz open Wisteria and never left.